Fleet Management

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Marine Applications

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- Keep track of vessels and rentals at sea; monitor locati[...]

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Benefits of Argotrak GPS Tracking


  • Track position, speed, travel history, easy to use, intuitive, save fuel
  • Display location, directional of travel on a Google Map on your private account via the internet
  • Store travel history for 90 days on-line
  • Create a number of reports to help manage your business
  • Utilize state-of-the-art, highly reliable software platform
  • 24/7 Support

Argotrak Clients

  • FLEETS: Delivery trucks, buses, taxis, limos, landscapers, pool maintenance
  • RENTAL BOATS: Deckboats, pontoon boats, jet skis, fishing guides
  • PERSONAL AUTOS: Theft deterrent, TEEN watch, Vehicle recovery
  • PERSONAL TRACKING: Seniors, Alzheimer’s, assisted living, tots, children
  • SURVEILLANCE: Track suspects
  • ANIMALS: Locate lost pets, theft deterrent
  • MOTORBIKES: Crash detector, roll-over detector, theft deterrent, bike recovery

GPS Tracking Software

How ArgoTrak GPS Tracking Software Increase the Productivity of Your Company


Monitors Routes and Stops:
A GPS allows you to monitor idle time and unauthorized locations, a cost savings.


Detects Side Jobs
By tracking both real time and historic data you can notice and eliminate suspicious uses of your vehicles by employees.


Improves Response Time & Customer Service
By knowing where your vehicles at all times on a real time map, dispatchers can easily send the nearest vehicle when a new job arises. This saves both money and time.


Monitors Driver Activities
Our GPS Software is able to report all vehicle activity and provide alerts to management by text message and email of excessive speeding, unauthorized vehicle use, and time at a specified location.