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The ArgoTrak Brand

ArgoTrak Marine can be installed and implemented in any vessel or fleet you need to safeguard. Whether you are located on the coast, in a lake, or on a river, ArgoTrak Marine is right for you.

ArgoTrak Marine is a great match for:

Charter service on the coast

Fleet of government vessels

Boat or jet ski rental company

Boat club on a popular lake or marina

ArgoTrak Marine Features

No matter the type of business or the locale, ArgoTrak Marine provides a unique system that combines real time data and alerts to protect your assets and bridge the gap between customer and company.

Multifunctional GPS

Much more than a simple navigational GPS, ArgoTrak documents all the data you need to keep your vessels safe and maintained. Protect your assets and bridge the gap between customer and company.

Locate Lost Assets

In the event that a vessel is lost, real time GPS data is constantly updated.

Realtime Location

If a boater gets lost, you can easily guide them back to shore using real time data.

Speed Tracking

Historical speed data is recorded for any situation where proof is needed.


Design custom boundaries to keep vessels in an area you can control.

Alerts & Notifications

Notify anyone using the app to the impending weather issue so they can take proper safety measures.

Weather Approaching

Notify anyone using the app to the impending weather issue so they can take proper safety measures.

Unauthorized Boat Usage

An immediate alarm will be sent when any vessel travels outside the geofence.

Bilge Warning

Bilge failure will result in an automatic alarm which will alert you in real time.

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 custom alarms can be sent to any device in any location, regardless of distance.

On-Board Buzzer

A penetrating alarm will sound out loud notifying operators or thieves of their improper usage of the vessel.

Maintain Peace of Mind while Delivering a Safe Experience to Every Customer

Operator & Vessel Safety

ArgoTrak Marine provides the operator, the vessel, and the owner with proper safety channels in real time.

Incident Proof & Liability

When you get into sticky situations such as an accident or a customer in denial, ArgoTrak stores the historical data to figure out the truth of the matter.

Vessel Insurance & Safety

Even in the unlikely event that a vessel is stolen, you will have all the data you need to prove that the vessel was being improperly operated at an improper time.

Read Real Stories from Real Companies about ArgoTrak Marine’s Impact on their Businesses

Freedom Boat Club, Lake Norman, NC

The Freedom Boat Club on Lake Norman was looking for a vessel monitoring system to keep track of boat location and status 24/7. See how ArgoTrak has improved their operations and even saved the company money in damages.

Parkshore Marina & Boat Rentals

Captain Dave of Parkshore Marina had never used a marine vessel tracking system for his diverse fleet of watercraft. But once he started using ArgoTrak Marine, he quickly realized that he simply can’t live without the solution. Learn more about his experience with ArgoTrak for over a decade now.

ArgoTrak Pricing

Contact an ArgoTrak representative today to learn about our one-time hardware cost and low-cost monthly subscription model.

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