Everyone is talking about GPS these days. Nearly everyone has access to GPS technology in their mobile devices. So what is so special about ArgoTrak?

ArgoTrak provides a type of GPS service that is far more sophisticated than what you get in your car or on your phone, which is mostly simple mapping.

ArgoTrak GPS solutions give you an online custom viewing site so that you can track anything that your GPS unit is attached to – it could be a trailer, a vehicle, a boat or even a person. This gives you, as an individual or as a business owner, the capability to see what’s happening with your vehicles in real time at any moment.

This information in turn gives you the power of enhanced management and protection. Our units give you the power to monitor engine hours, speed, idle time, temperature, driving routes and even unauthorized use of vehicles!  You can also get better service to emergency calls by locating the nearest vehicle and create a more efficient fleet by monitoring and adjusting idle time and speed. Companies can ensure that refrigerated goods stay at safe temperatures, avoiding spoilage. You might even be able to get your teenagers to slow down and adopt safer driving habits!


ArgoTrak is committed to giving you powerful solutions for managing your business and personal life. Call us at 239-240-8148 today to find out exactly how you can use GPS to save money and make your ventures more successful! Customization is the key!