ArgoTrak Tracks Anything, Anywhere, Anytime!!!

ArgoTrak is devoted to providing customers with high quality, cost effective GPS tracking solutions. A customized solution can be created based on your specific needs with our cutting-edge technology. It can assist you in monitoring and protecting vehicles, vessels, valuable assets, employees and loved ones.

Not sure where to begin? ArgoTrak team members are always available to answer your questions and discuss what will work best for you or your company!

How do we tailor our solution to meet your needs?

  • One-on-one conversations to determine your needs
  • Guided, personalized set-up assistance and training
  • Ongoing communication to ensure satisfaction
  • Industry updates to help you stay ahead of the curve
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Why ArgoTrak is a Leader in the Industry 

  • We know that our success depends on our customer’s satisfaction
  • We operate on absolute integrity and the Golden Rule
  • We offer real-time, easy to use, tracking through secure, password protected internet connections on your computer and/or mobile devices
  • ArgoTrak utilizes GPS devices that offer optimal performance
  • ArgoTrak offers all-inclusive packages
  • ArgoTrak provides options that include straight purchase, leasing, and financing
  • All sales, operations and support is based in the U.S.A and is available in English and Spanish

ArgoTrak Offers

  • Safety, security and peace of mind 24/7
  • Fleet vehicle and marine vessel GPS solutions
  • Real-time vehicle/vessel location
  • A robust suite of reporting
  • FMCSA ELD mandate compliant solutions
  • Maintenance scheduling and automated reporting
  • Connected Cameras
  • Remote asset monitoring solutions
  • Increased efficiency
  • Driver behavior monitoring
  • Solutions that result in insurance reductions
  • A high level of service and support