AI Multi Camera: Connected Video for Fleet Surveillance and Monitoring 

One of the most in-demand solutions from ArgoTrak is our AI Multi Camera solutions. These provide real-time monitoring, data, and other benefits that make them an essential purchase for fleet companies and managers. Thanks to this ecosystem of high-quality hardware and software, businesses can ensure the safety of their vehicles, drivers, and cargo. 

Keep reading to learn more about ArgoTrak’s AI Multi Camera and AI Dashcam Solutions and how these can benefit your commercial fleet company. 

The AI Multi Camera Dashcam System 

Our AI multi-camera system works just like CCTVs for residential and commercial properties, albeit with a few upgrades. 

The biggest upgrade is right in the name: AI, or artificial intelligence. Thanks to the integration of AI, these cameras can do more than just film. They can actively monitor hazards, record events, and analyze vehicle conditions in real-time. 

ArgoTrak’s AI Multi Camera dashcams also allow for the consistent and all-around recording of the vehicle and the driver. Since they can be mounted on various parts of the car or truck, fleet owners can have a 360-degree perspective. This feed can then be uploaded to any application the company uses, allowing for real-time monitoring on their preferred platform. 

Features of the AI Multi Camera Systems 

The ArgoTrak AI Multi Camera and AI Dashcam solutions are packed with special capabilities and features that make them premium mobile surveillance systems. These include:

ArgoTrak AI Multicam front
ArgoTrak AI Multicam Passenger Side View
ArgoTrak AI Multicam Cabin View
ArgoTrak Truck AI Multicam
ArgoTrak AI Multicam Rear View
ArgoTrak AI Multicam Driver Side View
ArgoTrak AI Multicam Cargo View

Up to 8 Different Camera Angles

ArgoTrak AI Multicam front
ArgoTrak AI Multicam Passenger Side View
ArgoTrak AI Multicam Cabin View
ArgoTrak Truck AI Multicam

Up to 8 Different Camera Angles

ArgoTrak AI Multicam Rear View
ArgoTrak AI Multicam Driver Side View
ArgoTrak AI Multicam Cargo View
semi truck driver

Driver Data

The ArgoTrak camera system is more than just a dashcam for fleets. It’s a robust data platform that tracks various aspects of driver behavior. That includes routes, historical GPS locations, speed and acceleration, and harsh braking. Thanks to this data, fleet owners and managers can easily track driver information for evaluations and other relevant matters. This system encourages good behavior and discourages reckless driving, ultimately to the benefit of the company. 

semi truck

False Claim Protection

If there’s ever an incident, simply look up the stored vehicle camera footage to understand who is at fault. Get the whole story with multiple camera angles and audio evidence to clear up any accident fraud.

Playback Analysis

The multi-camera system has playback and analytic capabilities thanks to the software included in the package. With this software, fleet owners can receive a 10-second MP4 file right after an incident occurs. They can also send pending files from the device’s SIM card as soon as the camera is connected to an available network. These files, in combination with the 360-degree feed, allow for a complete analysis of any incident, whether it’s for an insurance claim or to assess a driver’s behavior. 

Reporting Module

Once the playback and analysis are out of the way, fleet owners need to make the report. This process can be tedious, especially due to time constraints in addition to other business tasks. But thankfully, the ArgoTrak Multi Camera system is equipped with a reporting module, making it easier to save and print event reports. Presenting evidence for claims or driver evaluations is made more efficient, saving time and effort on the fleet owner or manager’s end. 

Search Capabilities

With the large amount of data from several trucks spanning prolonged periods of time, it can be difficult to look for a short clip in an ocean of footage. To make searching easier, the AI Multi Camera system has built-in search capabilities to help managers find the exact moment they’re looking for. The search can also be narrowed down based on event, vehicle, or day and time, resulting in precise results. 

Conversion Tool

Because of the many media software and codecs available today, it’s important to have conversion capabilities. That way, footage can be opened and reviewed regardless of the program or platform. The AI Multi Camera system includes a conversion tool for MP4 to AVI file formats. Since the data is still watermarked, your confidential information will still be protected. 

Privacy Masking

Many countries are adopting stricter laws for privacy protection. To help fleet owners remain compliant with these emerging regulations, ArgoTrak’s AI Multi Camera system has a privacy masking feature. With the dynamic system powered by AI technology, the system can find faces and license plates. It then selectively blurs these sections during live feed or playback. If law enforcement demands it, the original unmasked video will still be available to identify cars or people involved during an incident. 

Benefits of the Multi Camera System

Fleet Cameras Can  Save You Money

Commercial vehicle cameras can help fleets reduce costs by proving liability in an accident, improving driver training and education, and decreasing insurance premiums. These benefits are enhanced by the AI Multi Camera system and its 360-degree view. 

All angles are accounted for, making the system an unbiased and objective eyewitness that protects fleet operators and companies from litigation, which can result in massive expenses if the case is lost. In addition, having cameras on the entire fleet can help companies achieve lower premiums for their insurance plans. 

Read more about how commercial vehicle cameras can help fleets save money by proving liability in an accident, improving training and driver education, and even saving on insurance expenses.

Monitors Driver Behavior 

Good drivers reflect positively on the company’s reputation, and bad ones will usually become liabilities, even if they haven’t caused an accident – yet. Thankfully, ArgoTrak’s AI dashcam makes it easier for fleet managers to monitor the behavior of their drivers. 

It’s not just the cameras that help in this regard. While the cameras can monitor driver drowsiness, or record eating or talking on a cell phone while driving; speed, acceleration, and g-force sensors are included that can also be recorded for other indicative data. The result is a holistic view that allows drivers to be evaluated objectively and receive rewards for good practices, thus setting a positive example and reputation. 

Protects Against Fraudulent Claims 

Accidents can happen, no matter how much fleet operators train drivers to remain careful on the road. To ensure that drivers and the company are protected against fraudulent claims after an accident, fleet managers can install the AI multi camera system. The 360-degree view and data from the system’s multiple sensors will provide a clear and complete picture of the incident. That way, companies have all the evidence they need to prove that their drivers didn’t cause the accident. 

Increases Vehicle Safety and Security

Having visible cameras surrounding a truck is one of the best ways to discourage theft and other malicious elements from harming drivers. With the system’s active GPS tracking, fleet owners can also watch where the truck is going and alert drivers in case there are hazards they’re not aware of. 

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ArgoTrak’s camera and surveillance solutions were just what they needed, and they achieved safety and peace of mind once they started using our systems. Read the case study we’ve shared to see just how much their operations changed for the better. 

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