Q: How does GPS tracking work?
The Global Positioning System (GPS) was originally designed for use by the US military, as a method of determining the exact location of people or objects. The US government did not place any restrictions prohibiting civil use of the system; therefore, it was quickly adopted for both commercial and private purposes. The tracking system is made up of satellite stations which orbit the Earth, which communicate with devices by using microwave signals. Devices can be placed in vehicles, in cell phones, on objects, or even on people. Users can then monitor the movement of an object, vehicles, or person as the GPS device transmits information on its exact whereabouts. Devices can even monitor speed and direction of movement, making it possible to track not only the location of people or objects their behavior as well.
Q: Why should I choose ArgoTrak over other GPS fleet management companies?
A: ArgoTrak offers users both hardware and software solutions to its customers and they are customizable to fit each customer’s specific needs. We offer personal support to our customers for even the smallest question and we are always trying to improve upon what we have created. From choosing the right solution, to trainings (at no additional cost), to 24/7 support based in the United States, offered in both English and Spanish, we strive to create a partnership, not “just” a business arrangement.
Q: What are the benefits of using a GPS system?
A: By using a GPS tracking solution from ArgoTrak, our customers are able to increase productivity and efficiency. In addition, our services can even save you money on fuel, operational costs, maintenance and theft.
Q: What kind of GPS solutions does ArgoTrak offer to enterprise and private users?
A: ArgoTrak offers a large variety of hardware and software solutions to meet every need for both enterprise and private users. Not only do we provide a large range of GPS tracking devices, but we also offer users customizable solutions that meet data consumption needs such as sensors for direction, temperature, pressure, motion, water detection and much more.
Q: Do I need any special software installed on my computer in order to take full advantages of the GPS solutions offered by ArgoTrak?
A: No. Our software solution is entirely web based. As long as your computer has a recent version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox, you will be able to use the full software solution.
Q: Do I have to pay for software updates every time ArgoTrak introduces a new feature to the platform?
A: No. Your monthly fee includes all new functions, hosting fees and additional costs.
Q: Does the hardware that you sell come in different configurations and sizes?
A: Our large device portfolio comes in many shapes, sizes and functionalities. We carry devices that are water and dust resistant, portable, and highly customizable for different sensor inputs.
Q: How does your GPS hardware deliver information to the management software?
A: With GPS, we can determine where an asset is and send its location back to our management software via cellular data link. These links are secure and offer a variety of delivery options. In addition, this also allows other information to be sent to the user. We even have a system that allows custom alerts to be sent to users if certain conditions occur on a variety of sensors.
Q: How will I know which ArgoTrak solution is the best for me?
A: ArgoTrak team members take the time to talk with each customer, listening to their needs and expectations. We then offer a live demo and in-vehicle/vessel free trial. Our staff has many years of experience and will guide you through the decision process.
Q: I already have GPS tracking devices deployed in the field; do I need to buy new hardware in order to take advantage of the solutions offered by ArgoTrak?
A: In most cases, you will not need to purchase new hardware. We support a wide variety of devices at ArgoTrak. If the devices you have deployed are supported, we can update the software on the device to work with our system.
Q: Are the various hardware solutions easy to install and maintain?
A: At ArgoTrak we handle the hardware solutions for you. We source the products that best meet each customer’s needs. These devices are easy to install and maintain, often needing little to no user maintenance. We can even send software updates to the hardware via a cellular data connection.
Q: How can I get in contact with ArgoTrak and find out more about your products?
A: Please fill in your information on our Contact Us page and an ArgoTrak team member will contact you within 2 business days. You can also call our office at 239-240-8148.
If you have any other questions that we have not addressed, feel free to contact us.

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