It is not uncommon for trucks and big rigs to be involved in collisions causing severe injuries – the sheer size and physical dynamics of a vehicle in an accident play a role in the catastrophic results. Mitigation of factors including reckless driving and safety features, can alleviate any contribution to this phenomenon.

Installing a multi-camera system inside your fleet gives you visibility of your vehicle’s interior and exterior, helping you monitor driver behavior and optimize road safety.

At ArgoTrak, our revolutionary AI dashcams with multi-camera solutions have everything you’re looking for, and more! With our AI-integrated dashcams, you can be a passenger in your fleets all the time. Contact us and request your free demo today!

Level up Your Dashcam With AI Integration

At ArgoTrak, we embrace technological advancements and use them to find ways to level up all our solutions. 

With our AI (artificial intelligence)-powered dashcam system, you can do more than film your fleet 360°. Our AI dashcams with multi-camera solutions allow you to watch hazards, analyze vehicle conditions, and record live events. 

The dashcam’s AI-based algorithms can detect lane departure, track driver’s activity, and securely preserve everything in cloud-based storage. You can conveniently access all collected data and clips anytime and anywhere. 

The Ultimate Driver Safety and Security Tool

ArgoTrak’s AI dashcams and multi-camera solutions boast many features that will make every trip safe, smooth, and stress-free. Here’s what you can enjoy with our multi-camera system: 

Watch Your Surroundings Without Turning

The cameras are installed strategically inside and outside the vehicle, allowing you and your driver to have a 360° view of your surroundings. Trucks have multiple blind spots because of their size and structure, contributing to most truck accidents. With a 360° view, this dashcam system eliminates every blind spot and helps to keep your vehicle and its occupants safe.

Prevent Accidents Before They Happen

Our AI-integrated dashcams can help you prevent accidents before they happen. The artificial intelligence algorithms are designed to detect hazardous activities, such as unexpected lane shifts and sudden stops, then send a warning signal to the driver and the fleet manager, allowing them to manage the situation safely and efficiently.

Keep Accurate Records of an Accident

If an accident has occurred despite extreme measures, our AI dashcam system can collect and store exact data about the incident. The tool will record the vehicle’s speed, movements from external objects, and driver’s activity, all in one place. With this information available, it is easier to assess the damage and build a case if needed. You can also use this information to protect your business from fraudulent claims.

A Reliable Evaluation Tool

Our AI-powered dashcams actively monitor drivers’ activity and driving habits. This helps fleet owners objectively observe their drivers, pinpoint any issues, and share feedback with the drivers in real time, allowing them to make proactive changes for better road safety. Safe driving habits are critical in protecting your drivers and those around them.

Playback Anytime, Anywhere

No matter where you are, our AI dashcams can connect you to a live feed of your fleet’s recording. You can also access any recordings and clips for review, which can be used to evaluate the driver’s performance or discover the root cause of an accident. As long as you have internet access, you can check your fleet’s activity from anywhere.

Safely Store Everything in Cloud

Most smart dashcams have an internal SD card to store recordings. Although this is good, it’s not enough to safely keep your recordings and clips. ArgoTrak’s AI dashcams have a cloud storage integration that offers greater security for all recorded data and videos. This way, you can be sure that nothing will get lost if the SD card gets damaged or stolen.

Effortless Reporting Process

If you need documented accounts of an accident, you can quickly generate an accident report using our AI. This report includes all the necessary data, such as vehicle speed, drivers’ activity, and any detected objects that may have caused the accident. This can cut a massive portion of your time spent on accident reporting.

Find the Exact Clip You're Looking For

Since our AI dashcam continues recording after vehicle shutdown, searching through all the recordings for the exact clip you’re looking for can be a hassle. With ArgoTrak’s AI dashcams and multi-camera solutions, you can effortlessly search for clips using our impressive search capabilities. You can find an exact clip by inputting the time, type of event, and other details.
truck driving on the road

How Can Our AI-powered Dashcam and Multi-camera System Help You?

Equipping your trucks with a standard dashcam and camera system may save you a few bucks, but it will not be as reliable and efficient as an AI-powered system. As with most dashcams, you can access real-time data and must manually review the recordings from the camera’s memory card. 

There are many things our AI-powered dashcam system can help protect you from unforeseen events and save you money in the long run. 


Ensure Safe Driving Practices Are Followed 

Our intelligent dashcam solutions can document a driver’s driving habits and help you identify any potentially dangerous behavior. This will allow you to take corrective actions to mitigate the occurrence of accidents and improve the overall safety of your fleet. 

Our dashcam system doesn’t just record events inside and outside the truck, it also checks the harsh driving events. This will give you an indication of how drivers are performing while on duty. 


Protection Against Fraudulent Claims 

Unbelievably, truck accident fraud happens all the time. Some drivers would intentionally cause an accident and demand compensation from the insurance company. With our AI-powered dashcam system, you can easily figure out who’s responsible for the accident and hold fraudsters accountable for the damage they caused. 


Minimize the Likelihood of Accidents 

According to the National Safety Council, 4,842 big trucks were in catastrophic accidents. Accidents like these cause deep emotional scars and financial losses. 

We understand the burden that falls on your shoulders, and we made this solution for you to prevent unwanted events like these. Our smart detection technology integrated into our dashcams lets your driver spot and avoid potential hazards before causing an accident. 


Improve Driver Training and Education 

Gathering data from our AI-powered dashcam system can help you find any driving gaps and train your fleet to improve their skills. With this, you can provide better learning opportunities for your drivers and produce highly competent and compliant professional truck drivers. 


Keep Thieves at Bay 

With our multi-camera systems, you can easily monitor your truck and its surroundings even without a driver on board. Since our AI dashcams and multi-camera solutions can record with a 360° view inside and outside the fleet, you can capture the face of anyone trying to steal your cargo and accurately pinpoint their location. 

Moreover, our intelligent GPS-tracking function allows you to check your truck’s direction and quickly notify authorities of any suspicious activities. Our innovative dashcam system also stores a history of GPS points so you can easily trace back your truck’s movements and determine where it has been. 

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Accidents happen every day and it’s dangerous to hit the road unprepared. Installing an intelligent, powerful, comprehensive multi-camera system protects your fleet and driver. With ArgoTrak’s AI Dashcams and Multi-camera Solutions, you can do all of these and more. 

At ArgoTrak, we ensure that our solutions are tailored to your unique needs by conducting an in-depth one-on-one consultation with our team. We’ll ask you about the problems you’re facing with your fleet’s safety and provide you with an innovative solution. 

Our AI dashcam systems and multi-camera solutions make it easy for you to oversee and track your fleet’s activities anytime and anywhere. Contact us now and schedule your free, no-obligation product demo with our professional team! 

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