We received this testimonial over the weekend and wanted to share it with you.


Thanks for everything. The fishing was fantastic this week, Connor is still talking about the shark he caught (so am I, the proud papa).

In regards to the GPS units in our tractors, they have by far exceeded our expectations. Like most of your customers we chose to use the GPS units to eliminate less than desirable work performance in our drivers. We had one driver in particular that we had some suspicions about. When we received the GPS units we informed all of the drivers we were installing them and what we were going to use the information for. About two weeks after installation our shipping manager came to me a little perturbed. His primary concern was that he wasn’t able to catch our black sheep driver hanging out at the truck stops as we suspected. Now 1 1/2 years later he still isn’t going to truck stops. His time sheets look like all the other drivers now, instead of an additional hour here or there for a trip.

We have also used the GPS to reinforce and monitor that our drivers are taking preferred routes. The net result is that in 2012 our shipments by volume increased 15% with no added labor to make those deliveries. No additional employees, no overtime, nothing. Additionally our fuel bills have dropped and our fuel mileage has improved. All the reports have been easy to use and customize and in most cases we have programmed them to come to us automatically. ArgoTrak has done everything for us that you said it would. Thank you!”

Thank you,

Chris Fleck
Plant Manager
Innovative Packaging, Inc.


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