The Holidays are upon us! One of the biggest topics in the news is always travel at this time of year. Not only does ArgoTrak provide excellent solutions for business owners and fleet vehicles, but there are personal applications as well – our vehicle tracking devices can help you navigate the season’s challenges.

According to the Bureau of Transportation’s Research and Innovative Technology Division, long-distance travel over the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays increases over 23%! The average trip is 275 miles long, and ArgoTrak can help maintain your safety the entire way.

Who in your family is making the holiday trek? Don’t want to worry about them as they navigate slick roads or busy highways?  Personal and Auto Trackers provide real time location information.  Use our “Street View” feature to have a real-time look at where drivers are located. Imagine being able to sign into your family’s online portal and seeing exactly where they are, moment by moment and send real time links to other family members so they can track loved ones as well, at your discretion! Especially for those long trips through potentially dangerous weather, an investment in this type of technology could literally save lives…and it can help you perfectly time that holiday meal as well!

Before this year is over, give your business a gift as well – an ArgoTrak solution is available to help businesses increase profits and safety by keeping track of vehicle time on the road, wasted idling time, and total mileage per trip. Additionally, many insurance companies offer discounts for businesses that install vehicle trackers.

Want more details on our comprehensive solutions for your family and/or your business?  Contact us