Marine Cameras and GPS

Although there has been a downward trend in the yearly record of stolen watercraft since 2018, it does not change the fact that thousands of boat owners still fall victim to thefts. Moreover, hardly any of the stolen watercraft are ever returned to their proper owners. 

According to the National Crime Information Center database, a total of 4,240 boats were stolen in 2019. During the same year, the stolen boat recovery rate only ranged from 38% to 56% in the top five states where the thefts occurred. 

Losing a boat due to theft causes an immense amount of stress and problems, not only for the commercial boat owners but also for insurance providers. ArgoTrak offers several solutions for these exact situations. 

Such misfortune can be prevented with the right technologies. Investing in GPS tracking, monitoring systems, and marine cameras from ArgoTrak gives you peace of mind in the knowledge that your boat stays safe and well guarded. 

Boats that have both marine cameras and GPS tracking can help tighten your boat’s security to prevent theft. At the same time, it can also aid in identifying persons responsible for stealing and aid your GPS system in giving you complete information on its current whereabouts and destination. 

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What are Marine Cameras? 

Marine cameras are exactly what their name suggests — cameras designed and built specifically for maritime vessels, including commercial boats, cruisers, utility boats, runabouts, and more. These are ruggedized camera equipment that can withstand demanding marine environments and applications, including search and rescue or emergency services. 

In general, marine cameras allow you to track and monitor your boat. The differences lie in how it does so. 

The most common marine cameras perform a largely similar function to CCTV cameras and dash cameras on road vehicles and fleets. The leading marine cameras in the business can provide high-definition, real-time videos, and still images under a variety of lighting conditions, including low light. 

These allow you to keep track of the boat and its surroundings — regardless of whether it is docked on the pier, moored in the bay, or housed inside a garage. It gives you total awareness of what is happening inside and outside your water vessel. 

There are also marine cameras that offer thermal imaging and monitoring capabilities. These types of marine cameras can aid in identifying potential issues with your watercraft’s equipment, such as engines, shaft bearings, and more to prevent getting stranded in the water. 

Who Are Marine Cameras and GPS for?

ArgoTrak Marine Cameras and GPS are for any watercraft owner, but these technologies are especially helpful for anyone running a commercial business using boats and other water vessels. These include: 

      • Sailboat rental companies 
      • Boat clubs 
      • Government water vessel fleets 
      • Boat charter services 
      • Jet ski rental businesses 

It doesn’t matter where you use your boat — whether it is on the ocean, sea, lake, or river, having a marine camera will surely come in handy. And when you need one, ArgoTrak offers the best one for you.

Boat Tracking and Security with Marine Cameras and GPS

GPS marine tracking has come a long way. Today, the right GPS service allows you to not only pinpoint the boat’s current location but also predict its destination and arrival time with accuracy.  

However, for all the advancements in GPS systems, it does not provide you with a clear view of what is happening on the boat above and below deck. It only gives you a set of coordinates to help find your lost watercraft or predict its most likely destination. 

Ultramodern marine cameras may also be paired with a maritime GPS tracking system, like ArgoTrak, to strengthen your boat’s overall anti-theft protection further. This not only adds another layer of security for the ship itself but also to your maritime business. 

Combining marine cameras with GPS tracking systems can greatly increase the chances of boat operators successfully navigating the watercraft through unexpected conditions, such as mechanical failure or fog and other occurrences of dangerous weather. 

Enhanced Visibility of the Surrounding Area 

GPS monitoring allows you to pinpoint the location of your boat on a map in real time. Meanwhile, marine cameras can offer visuals of your boat’s surroundings and interiors at the same time.  

These cameras can also widen and provide a clearer scope of visibility during travel. This can help operators navigate through rough weather conditions. Depending on where the cameras are placed around the boat, it can even help make boat docking much easier and safer.  

Ensure Operator and Passenger Safety 

Interior cameras help boost the overall safety of your boat operator and the vessel’s passengers. Although some may see cameras inside the boat cockpit as an invasion of privacy for boat operators, it can help clear them of any wrongful allegations in case of accidents. 

The knowledge that they are being recorded or photographed may also help encourage them to take greater safety precautions, not only to protect the boat but also themselves and any passengers. 

Provides Crucial Information to Prove Liability 

Just like how dash cameras can prove fault in case of accidents, marine cameras can also perform the same functions. Marine cameras can be your best partner in ensuring your business is free of liability and prove who is actually at fault. 

It can also be used to supply images and video recordings of where your boat has been to support your innocence or lack of involvement in cases besides accidents and theft. 

Vessel Insurance and Safety Precautions 

Marine cameras that offer real-time video monitoring make it easier to track any occurrences inside and around your boat. As bad as it may sound, some insurance carriers may try to push the blame on you or your boat operator to get out of paying for the incident.  

Marine cameras can help clear you and your business from false allegations, including those of insurance fraud, in cases of a theft or accidents. 

Moreover, it can help make finding the stolen vessel much faster or easier. 

The Features of the ArgoTrak Marine Camera and GPS System 

Real-time GPS Location 

ArgoTrak GPS tracking devices are available for any type of watercraft. Alone, they can already provide highly accurate location information. Paired with marine cameras, you can get a real-time look into the surroundings of the boat. In case of emergency assistance, you’ll be able to provide the rescue team more information to aid the vessel. 

Geofence Tool 

Our GPS comes with a geofence tool that lets you arrange predetermined and authorized areas that limit where the boat can operate. If the boat goes beyond those bounds, you will be notified immediately. With a marine camera inside the cockpit, you can easily show who was operating or stealing the boat. Meanwhile, an exterior camera can show you how the person was able to take the boat or show the area where it was taken. 

Bilge Failure Warning 

The ArgoTrak GPS tracker can also alert you in the event the boat’s bilge gets overfilled. With a camera in the bilge itself, your boat operator can potentially address maintenance and safety issues even before any overfill warnings as soon as they notice the rising water levels. Immediately addressing any possible issues helps minimize any damage and danger to the boat. 

Smart Alerting System 

Marine cameras also complement the ArgoTrak GPS smart alerting system. Moving the vessel an excess of 400 meters (about 1312 feet) from its original location triggers an alert message to be sent to your phone. With a marine camera onboard, you can customize it so that when you get the notification, the camera can take photographic or video evidence of why the boat was moved, who initiated it, and where it was taken. 

Speeding Alerts 

Our GPS system lets you set a speed limit for the boat. This is especially helpful for boat and other watercraft rental businesses. The system sends an email or text alert to your phone, tablet or mobile device to keep you apprised of the situation. In the event that a speed limit violation occurs, a marine camera inside and outside the boat can help safeguard your business and clear you of any potential liabilities. 

Protect Your Investment 

Whether you are a simple pleasure cruiser or the proprietor of a boat rental company or the manager of a commerical fleet, the integration of marine cameras and GPS is a logical upgrade to protect your investment from theft, damage, and liability issues. ArgoTrak has marine camera and GPS solutions that fit your needs and give you the peace of mind to enjoy your watercraft ownership experience. Contact us today to see how we can help you make the best decision for your water vessel. 

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