With technology advancing, it has become easier and more affordable than ever to install multiple cameras in fleet vehicles. Many commercial fleet owners are now taking advantage of this technology to improve safety and efficiency. 

At ArgoTrak, we supply multi-camera systems for commercial vehicles and fleet owners so that you can keep an eye on everything that’s happening in and around your vehicle at all times. With the many benefits a multi-camera system for a commercial fleet can bring, not having one is definitely a drawback for your business. Take advantage of the benefits today by installing a multi-camera system in your fleet of vehicles. Contact us! 

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What is a Multi-Camera System? 

Road accidents are one of the most common causes of vehicle damage and injuries. Back in 2017, the total recorded deaths that included large trucks were over 4,700. With the increasing road risks for drivers and pedestrians alike, it has become more important than ever to have a way to see everything that’s happening around the vehicle, and not just what’s in front of the driver. 

A multi-camera system for commercial vehicles does just that — it gives you a 360° view of your surroundings. Coming from the name itself, multiple cameras from different angles are installed in strategic areas around the vehicle so that critical spots will be recorded in case of accidents. 

Different Camera Angles For Better Awareness 

Multi-camera systems offer a comprehensive view of the road and surrounding environment, giving drivers the ability to see potential hazards that may be otherwise hidden. ArgoTrak’s multi-camera systems are designed to give drivers better visibility in a number of different scenarios, including: 

    1. Intersections — When stopped at an intersection, a 360° view of the surroundings can help identify potential hazards, such as oncoming traffic or pedestrians darting out between parked cars. 
    2. Parallel Parking — The ability to see directly behind the vehicle can help drivers align their vehicle with curbs and parked vehicles, without having to rely on side mirrors alone. 
    3. Blind Spots — Large vehicles can have blind spots in a number of different areas, making it difficult for drivers to see nearby traffic, pedestrians, and other potential hazards. Multi-camera systems can help eliminate blind spots by providing views from hidden angles. 

With our multi-camera solutions for commercial vehicles, you are given an added layer of protection as well as peace of mind knowing that you have footage of any incidents that may occur. 

The Uses of ArgoTrak Multi-Cameras in Your Vehicle 

As a business owner or manager of a commercial fleet, you are always looking for ways to increase efficiency and productivity, while also reducing costs. Implementing ArgoTrak multi-camera solutions in your vehicles can help you achieve all of these things and more. Here are some of the ways our clients have used our multi-camera systems to improve their business: 

Driver Monitoring 

For commercial fleet owners, productivity is key. Tracking driver performance is one way to ensure that your drivers are staying on task and not wasting time. ArgoTrak multi-camera systems can be used to watch driver behavior, such as speeding, hard braking, and phone use while driving. This information can then be used to improve driver training and coaching, as well as to identify which drivers may need additional support. 

Record Accidents 

Unfortunately, accidents do happen and footage from ArgoTrak multi-camera systems can be used to help determine what happened and who was at fault. This is a useful benefit, especially when the accident occurred in an area with no witnesses, CCTV, or other video footage. 

Prevent Insurance Fraud 

With footage from ArgoTrak multi-camera systems, you can help prevent insurance fraud and save your business money. Insurance fraud costs businesses billions of dollars each year and often takes the form of staged accidents. When you have video footage of the accident from multiple angles, it can be much easier to identify fraud and prove that your company/driver was not at fault. 

GPS Tracking 

We also include GPS tracking devices into the cameras so that you can keep track of your vehicles in real-time. This is useful for a number of different purposes, such as monitoring driver routes, keeping track of vehicle location, and more. It provides accurate data that can be used to improve your business in a number of ways. An easy-to-use dashboard gives you the ability to see all of your vehicles at a glance and track their location in real-time. 

False Claim Protection 

In the case that one of your vehicles is involved in an accident caused by another driver and they try to file a false insurance claim against you, the video footage from our cameras can help you prove that the other driver was at fault and that your company/driver was not responsible. You can reduce the liability risks for your business and save money on insurance premiums by using our video footage to disprove false claims. 

Benefits of Having Multi Camera For Commercial Fleet 

If you are still wondering how and why you should consider getting a multi-camera system for your commercial fleet, here are some other benefits that might help you in decide: 

Improved Safety for Drivers and Pedestrians 

The biggest advantage of using multi-camera systems is that they allow drivers to see what is happening around them. This can help to prevent accidents and injuries by making it easier for drivers to react to unexpected situations. 

For example, if a pedestrian steps out from behind a parked vehicle without looking, the driver will be warned by the alert system and can apply the brakes or move out of the way. 

Faster Insurance Claims Processing 

Multi-camera systems are also useful for fleet managers because they can record every aspect of a drive including accidents and injuries. If an accident does occur, it’s much easier for insurance companies or police officers to determine who was at fault when they have access to video evidence showing exactly what happened during the accident. 

Reduced Vehicle Damage 

Multi-camera systems can help reduce vehicle damage because they provide a complete view of the surrounding area. If a driver hits something while backing up, they’ll be able to see exactly what happened on their screen, allowing them to make a different decision about how to do it next time. With only a single camera, what to do next time might be more difficult to figure out. 

Enhanced Security for Fleet Vehicles 

Another benefit that comes from having cameras installed on your fleet vehicles is enhanced security for those vehicles. Because of this, it will be easier for you to spot any problems with these vehicles before they become too large and expensive for you to fix or replace. This will also make it easier for you to spot any taggers or thieves who might be trying to steal parts or  deface these vehicles for profit or sport. 

Better Driver Awareness 

Fleet managers, owners, and drivers can also benefit from a multi-camera system for commercial fleets. We can install a monitoring display in your trucks to show the drivers what is happening around them. This way, they can better assess their surroundings, avoid potential danger, and make sound decisions. 

Increased Efficiency for Commercial Fleet Operations 

With its tracking, monitoring, and recording features, a multi-camera system can help you increase the efficiency of your commercial fleet operations. You will be able to track the location of your vehicles at all times, as well as their speed and mileage. Also, you can easily check your driver’s performance and ensure that they follow the company’s rules and regulations, which can result in a more efficient operation. 

ArgoTrak Solutions — Up To Eight Camera Options 

Regardless of size or fleet types, we have multi-camera systems for trucks, vans, cars, boats, and more. Our team of experts will understand your business requirements and recommend the best possible solution for you. We can also install up to 8 cameras on a single vehicle depending on your needs. Yes, you read it right! You can have up to 8 different angles covered with our cameras. That means no blind spots and everything will be captured on video! 

Contact ArgoTrak and Have Multi-Camera Systems Installed in Your Fleet Vehicles 

Safety, efficiency, and security are important factors to consider when running a commercial fleet. If you want to improve your fleet’s overall performance, then it’s time to install a multi-camera system. ArgoTrak offers high-quality and affordable camera systems that can be customized to meet your specific fleet requirements. Contact us today to request a demo so you can better understand how our products work, how they can benefit your business, and if they are the right fit for your fleet. 

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