In the early morning hours of July 22nd Eric was awakened to a text message on his phone. No one wants to hear his or her phone go off in the middle of the night, but in this case it alerted Eric that his boat was no longer at his dock in Lee County, FL.

Eric was away from his home and thought there may be a mistake. However, knowing there have been multiple boat thefts in SWFL over the last year, he called his neighbor and asked, “Can you look out your window and tell me if my boat is at my dock”. His neighbor confirmed his boat was not there. The alert was correct. Eric’s boat had been stolen.

Eric’s decision to invest in an Argotrak Tracking solution and a hide-away kill switch was reinforced. If there was a chance to recover his boat he had taken all the steps necessary to make that possible.

Eric was able to pull up his boat’s exact location and provide the coordinates to the authorities and the Coast Guard who immediately dispatched their marine vessels to the boat’s location. ArgoTrak’s real time location tracking enabled them to find the boat at the location provided, and the boat was recovered. It was only a matter of hours from when the text came in saying the boat had left the dock to its full recovery.

So how was it that Eric’s Grady White boat was recovered? Eric chose to make a small investment in a satellite tracking solution through ArgoTrak Inc. Once purchased Eric received a training, which enabled him to know how to pull up his boat’s track on his handheld device and a computer. Eric requested ArgoTrak’s technical team set up “geofences” so he would receive an alert when his boat left his dock. This alert worked perfectly. The boat left the dock and Eric immediately received an alert text message to his phone.

When Eric learned the boat had been stolen he was able to disable the boat with the hide-away kill switch disabling the boat’s engines. When the thieves left Eric’s dock, thinking they were free and clear with a high-end boat they learned differently. In this case the thieves were not caught, they fled when the kill switch disabled the engines, but the boat was successfully recovered.

As most boat owners are aware, boat theft is a reality. Your boat and the equipment on your boat is an investment. There is an easy cost effective way to protect that investment. As proven above, it works!!!! For more information on ArgoTrak Inc and their marine solution, please visit ArgoTrak’s website at or contact them

** The above is a true story, no details have been changed or modified.