The nation’s eye is focused on the East Coast, currently being battered by the aptly named “Super Storm Sandy.” We want to express our sincere concern for our northern neighbors and send our wishes for the well-being of all the storm victims.

As a practical matter, this reminds us that our hurricane season is coming to a close, but that weather can turn serious at any time. While ArgoTrak certainly can’t control the weather, we urge you to be proactive in protecting your fleet vehicles, marine equipment and other assets by developing an Action Plan for natural and man-made disasters. We can help you plan for less than favorable circumstances and we can assist you in recovering from storms and other natural disasters.

When you install GPS Tracking devices in all of your vehicles and equipment you benefit from real-time tracking, which means you know at every moment where your assets are. You can design and track effective evacuation routes, monitor secure storage and even get real-time information about temperature. In situations ranging from storm damage to grand theft, you’ll be able to locate your vehicles and equipment, retrieve them and salvage if that becomes necessary.  In many instances, your insurance company will offer a premium discount for this kind of monitoring, security and peace of mind – it benefits you both.

ArgoTrak is a valuable partner when it comes to protecting your assets. Visit our website to learn about specific products, and call us today to learn how we can customize solutions for you.   239-240-8148