Tool and Equipment Tracking

Reduce Loss - Enhance Operations - Improve Efficiency

Benefits of Using ArgoTrak

Minimize Project and Schedule Delays

Ensures assets are not left behind and the right equipment is in the right vehicle, yard or storage area, thus improving service and operational efficiency; if a tool or cargo is misplaced, the system will note the last known location to assist in quick recovery to avoid costly schedule delays.

Prevent Loss of Assets and Tools

When an ArgoTag-enabled piece of asset has been disassociated with the device, the operator or driver will receive a real-time alert notification (within 1 minute) that the asset has been left behind.

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Let Argotrak Help Transform Your Business

Use Case – Asset Management, Work Truck/ Fleet

1. Item Left at Jobsite

2. Truck Leaves Jobsite

3. Alert Sent That Item is Missing

ArgoTag Means No Tool Left Behind
The Tool Journey – ArgoTag for a Service Fleet

See ArgoTrak Software in Action

At ArgoTrak, we prioritize safety and peace of mind with all our solutions. Each product comes equipped with these features in mind, freeing up your resources for other necessities. Let us help you elevate your team and fleet with our trusted expertise.

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