I am pleased with the prompt service of ArgoTrak. I consider the use of real-time tracking a necessity in my business operation.
Captain Dave Ramsey, Owner

Parkshore Marina

I’m happy to endorse ArgoTrak for its ease of installation, intuitive user interface, and the information available to us concerning driver safety and behavior as well as our rolling asset location and routing efficiency. All of our 170+ vehicles are equipped with an ArgoTrak solution. Their team support and responsiveness is outstanding. I highly recommend them; a true value and management resource.
W. Theodore Etzel, III, CEO

Conditioned Air

Please use us as a referral and let everyone know that we are very happy with ArgoTrak and that service is what sets you apart from the competition.
Randy Smith, CEO

Naples Transportation Tours & Event Planning

We use an ArgoTrak solution on our rental boats, tour boats, fishing vessels and jet skis. The knowledge of the location and travel history is essential not only to the operational efficiency of the business, but ensuring the safety of our customers.
Captain Harry Julian, Owner

Pure Naples


Thanks for everything. The fishing was fantastic this week, Connor is still talking about the shark he caught (so am I, the proud papa).

In regards to the GPS units in our tractors, they have by far exceeded our expectations. Like most of your customers we chose to use the GPS units to eliminate less than desirable work performance in our drivers. We had one driver in particular that we had some suspicions about. When we received the GPS units we informed all of the drivers we were installing them and what we were going to use the information for. About two weeks after installation our shipping manager came to me a little perturbed. His primary concern was that he wasn’t able to catch our black sheep driver hanging out at the truck stops as we suspected. Now 1 1/2 years later he still isn’t going to truck stops. His time sheets look like all the other drivers now, instead of an additional hour here or there for a trip.

We have also used the GPS to reinforce and monitor that our drivers are taking preferred routes. The net result is that in 2012 our shipments by volume increased 15% with no added labor to make those deliveries. No additional employees, no overtime, nothing. Additionally our fuel bills have dropped and our fuel mileage has improved. All the reports have been easy to use and customize and in most cases we have programmed them to come to us automatically. ArgoTrak has done everything for us that you said it would. Thank you!

Chris Fleck

Innovative Packaging, Inc.

It’s hard sending your child off to college; it’s even harder sending them 15 hours away. We live in Naples, FL and our daughter attends college in Virginia so when we decided to provide her with a car at college every uneasy thought went through my mind. This Florida girl had never driven in bad weather, in the hills, or with deer crossing the roads when you least expect it. Nor had she ever made a 15-hour road trip.

We need to let our children live, learn and explore. We need to give them wings, or in this case a car. As a mother I know she is responsible, smart and a good driver, but….

Sure I worry; however, I have a secret weapon to provide some peace of mind. We installed a GPS tracking device in her car (with our daughter’s knowledge). We can now see where her car is at all times by simply logging onto our computer.

Recently our daughter made the 15-hour trip from Virginia to Naples for the holidays. She left Virginia in the afternoon, which meant she would be driving through the night. We were able to keep track of her the whole way. We could see her speed, her location and the stops she made. Yes, we could have called her to get these updates but we wanted her to be safe so distracting her with a phone call is not ideal especially while she was driving in the rain and in the dark. The best part, I knew the moment she was turning into the driveway so I could run outside to welcome her home and give her a hug.

There are many advantages to a tracking device, you can track your vehicle’s maintenance, you can set up alerts to detect driving over the speed limit, and of course you can track the vehicle if it were stolen. All very important and valuable, but to a mom, there is nothing more important than knowing where your child is and that they are safe. Whether she is driving 15 hours or 15 minutes I have the ability to know where she is. I have that peace of mind when I can’t be with her.

I hate to think of a time when this technology wasn’t available (my parents just worried), but fortunately I don’t have to. I know that I have this “secret weapon” available to me now and I don’t plan to go without it.

Chris - Naples, FL